Beautikini: Swim Free, Every Day

In a moment of need on a beach holiday, our founder faced a common predicament many women encounter—swimming on her period seemed impossible without the right protection. This experience sparked a groundbreaking idea: Beautikini, a swimwear brand designed to empower women to enjoy the water on any day of their menstrual cycle. With the fusion of innovative design and technological expertise, Beautikini transformed from a visionary concept into a dynamic reality.

Transformative Customer Experiences

Our customers’ stories illuminate the transformative impact of Beautikini. Sophia from California remarks, “Beautikini completely changed my perspective on swimming during my period. I no longer sit out the beach parties or pool gatherings. Thanks to Beautikini, I can dive in anytime, confident and carefree.

Innovative Four-Layer Protection

Understanding the need for reliable protection, Beautikini swimwear is constructed with a unique four-layer system designed to provide the utmost confidence:

  1. Cotton Crotch: Soft on the skin and perfect for sensitive areas, offering comfort without irritation.
  2. Absorbent Layer: Capable of holding the equivalent of three tampons, this layer locks in moisture and prevents leaks.
  3. Waterproof Layer: Ensures that no water gets in and no leaks get out, keeping wearers secure and dry.
  4. Main Fabric: Durable and stylish, made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials that withstand the elements, whether saltwater or chlorine.

“Beautikini is about empowering women to swim confidently any day of their cycle, using swimwear that blends style, comfort, and innovative protection. We’re redefining freedom in women’s swimwear.”


Lindsay Sterling   / CEO

Looking Ahead: Innovating for Tomorrow

As we look to the future, Beautikini is committed to innovation and expansion. Our goal is to broaden our range with more designs, colors, and sizes to cater to women globally. We are also exploring potential applications of our leak-proof technology across other types of apparel, aiming to empower women in every aspect of their active lives.

Beautikini isn’t just swimwear; it’s a declaration of independence and confidence for women everywhere, every day of their cycle. Join us as we make waves and break barriers, one swim at a time.


Beautikini melds unique designs with practical innovation, offering swimwear that stands out and empowers.


Sustainability is integral to Beautikini. We choose eco-friendly materials to craft our swimwear, reducing environmental impact and promoting a healthier planet while keeping our oceans clean for everyone to enjoy.

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